Welcome, New Public Spirit Subscribers!


Hello to all new subscribers (so far)!

First, to those of you who are unfamiliar with Public Spirit (PS), this newsletter is produced by the Communications Committee of the InterCorps Council of Minnesota (ICC). Members of the Communications Committee, or CoCo, write articles and release a new PS by the 30th of each month. CoCo is not alone, however. The ICC President has a huge helping hand in PS releases –both in editing and sending it off to other offices. We are also joined by our Vice President, our wonderful Research and Data Analyst, and our fellow committees: the National Service Committee, the Training and Education Committee, and the Social Networking Committee, whose awesome events are wellsprings of PS material. More information about the committees can be found here, and a general introduction of CoCo and the InterCorps Council of Minnesota can be found by going here and scrolling down a bit.

If you would like to be interviewed for PS, or if you have a great idea for an AmeriCorps-related article, please email CoCo at communications@iccminnesota.org. We love suggestions! Just keep in mind that the writers have the authority of discretion about what they write.

Important Happenings

Please read the previous PS to learn about some other fun Social and Networking events as well as Training and Education happenings.

Especially keep in mind the Leadership Matters event, which is an awesome opportunity to meet former U of M athletic director, Joel Maturi. This event happens on Feb. 19, from 4:00pm to 6:00pm at the TCF stadium.


Now, you are all probably wondering, “What about the prizes?!?” Well, never you fear. The 10th subscriber prize winner is the proud holder of the email desiree@technologypower.org! The 25th subscriber winner is the proud holder of the email rengela@paulbunyan.net! And finally, the 50th subscriber winner is……the holder of the email trixy.tran2013@gmail.com. Congratulations! Each of you has won an AmeriCorps T-shirt!