Public Spirit, December 2016

Salutations from ICC Minnesota!

Welcome to the first Public Spirit publication from the 2016-17 ICC council! The council is excited and ready to get started for the year, but first we need your feedback! Please take some time to participate in our survey so that we can better survey (get it? serve-ay) all AmeriCorps members in Minnesota. Click this link to share your thoughts on how we can help and support you during your year of service.

What is the ICC?

The InterCorps Council of Minnesota (ICC) is a peer­-led organization of AmeriCorps members, representing State, National, and VISTA AmeriCorps programs throughout Minnesota. The council is comprised of AmeriCorps members from the Greater Twin Cities area, supported by Ambassadors from outlying areas. Our role is to provide opportunities for training, collaboration, engagement among communities and between AmeriCorps members and alumni.  We are proud to announce the 2016-17 ICC president, Hannah VanSant-Ouellette! Please direct any ICC related questions to her

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