Public Spirit, April 2017

Zero Waste – Sunday, May 7 2017 - Celebrate with the May Day Green Team!                                 Where: Powderhorn Park Building, 3400 15th Ave South, Minneapolis                                   Join us in working towards a greener festival!                                              Help boost May Day's composting and recycling efforts - assisting folks with sorting their items at a waste station while affirming the impact of their actions.

Pitch in towards the end of the event to help measure how much waste was diverted from the landfill!

For more info about the May Day Parade, please visit Heart of the Beast.                     Free food and a t-shirt for volunteers who work a full 3-hour shift!                                 Sign up here: May Day Volunteer 

Grow your network in the Twin Cities community, and gain advice, resources, and potential opportunities for the future!

Tuesday, May 16th from 4-8pm at Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity 1954 University Ave W, St Paul, MN 55104

Come and enjoy an evening connecting with AmeriCorps members, alumni, and other professionals in the community in preparation for your next steps. Community representatives will offer career advice and share potential opportunities within their organization. AmeriCorps alumni & other community members representing non-profit organizations, colleges, government, the corporate sector, and other institutions to help you get a foot in the door in the area you want. The event is a few hours long. If you can make it for any amount of time stop by and say hi!

There will be light snacks/hor d'oeuvres/appetizers, desserts, and non-alcoholic beverages. First come, first served.

Professional head shots will be available; don't miss out! RSVP Here!

On Earth Day, April 22nd, 9 volunteers signed up with ICC to participate in planting at Bushway Road. These dedicated volunteers beautified and supported the earth by digging in the dirt. A total of 200 volunteers came together at Wayzata’s historic scenic roadway to plant 1,100 perennials and 700 trees in one day!! Thank you to all who volunteered that day.  

On Earth Day, April 22nd, 9 volunteers signed up with ICC to participate in planting at Bushway Road. These dedicated volunteers beautified and supported the earth by digging in the dirt. A total of 200 volunteers came together at Wayzata’s historic scenic roadway to plant 1,100 perennials and 700 trees in one day!! Thank you to all who volunteered that day.  

THE END IS NEAR by Raquel MacSwain

            Time flies, doesn’t it? Seems like yesterday our programs began and everything seemed so new and intimidating. Some members are pushing themselves to the very end with the high levels of work. For others, things are beginning to slow down, and they may even have some more time to think about the “FUTURE”.                                                          

Regardless where you may fit in as an AmeriCorps member, the future is something we all have to consider. If you have decided to return for a second year, or found a job after your term of service, CONGRATS! However, for those still trying to figure out what to do next, this can be an daunting step to head back into the job search all over again.                                

For those searching several job websites, such as the listing on Minnesota Council of Non-Profits, it can be hard to remember other ways in which you can put yourself out there. A great way to do this is through attending networking events or even career fairs. Do you remember what you need to bring to these events? If not, check this out!

Things you SHOULD bring to /do at a Networking Event or Career Fair:

·         Appropriate attire: check event to make sure you match what is recommended.

·         At a career fair, make sure to have resumes on hand to provide on the spot so recruiters remember you and can reference you off hand.

·         At a networking event, it’s better to have a business card OR make sure to get a business card from the individual you are connecting with IF you’ve built enough rapport with that person. Reach out to them later and connect via email or LinkedIn to thank them for their time and for help if they provided some.

·         Bring a notepad to take notes so you can remember valuable information that you learn during the event.

·         Come prepared with questions or an overall goal from attending the event. Don’t try to follow only what your friends are doing, or you may miss out on a wonderful opportunity.

·         Treat each person as if they are your friend by being polite, not going into a conversation only to talk about yourself. Make sure to make this natural and genuine.

·         Most importantly, don’t spread yourself too thin by talking to everyone in the room. Talk to the people you think will provide you better perspective or tips for your career growth for a longer period of time. Focusing on fewer people gives you time to make your interactions more meaningful.

Upcoming Events to Consider:                                                                                             Minneapolis Professional & Technology Diversity Career Fairs                                           Thur May 4th: 11:00 am-2 pm at the U.S. Bank Stadium (Legacy Gate Entrance)

**There are many resources for other events. To get started, check EventBrite, MeetUp, Pollenmidwest**

Check out these articles to help you prepare for your next steps after service! By: Marlee Davis

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Americorps Resources

Americorps and Your Career  - Americorps has lots of resources to support members and alumni in pursuing successful careers. Don't forget to check everything available to you here.

Employers of National Service  - While looking for your next opportunity, consider perusing the list of Employers of National Service. These employers will truly value your service.

Segal Education Award Info By: Rachel LaForge

As our terms of service are beginning to wrap up, I'd like to touch on one of the benefits accrued, the Segal Education Award.

Segal Education awards are given to AmeriCorps members who successfully complete their terms of service. The amount varies based on whether a member is full time, part time, or seasonal, but the maximum award for for service that started in fiscal year 2016 is $5,775. These funds may be used to either pay tuition and fees at qualifying institutions, pay towards the balance on outstanding federal loans, or (for members who were 55 or older at the start of their term of service) be gifted to certain direct family members to use for tuition and fees at qualified institutions.

Your Segal Award will be held in trust for a maximum of 7 years, so if you are not in college now but will be soon, your award will wait for you. Your Segal award is considerable taxable income in the year that it is used, and you will receive a 1099 form at tax time.

The maximum number of terms of service (and thus the maximum amount of Segal award that can be accrued) varies by program and assignment. You can start here or here for basic information. Contact your program manager if you have further questions.