WHy join?

The ICC is a unique opportunity that allows AmeriCorps members across programs to network and collaborate with one another. As part of the ICC, members enhance their service year, grow their professional development and leadership skills, and connect to the AmeriCorps community as a whole. 


What is the commitment level for the iCC?

Service on the ICC begins in October and ends in June of the following year. The commitment level varies depending on a member's role within the council. 

To learn more about the commitment level, click here


How Are Members Selected?

Each AmeriCorps program across the state of Minnesota elects service members to be their representative(s) or ambassador(s) on the ICC. The election of these members differs from across programs. 

If you are interested in being your program's ICC representative or ambassador, please contact your program manager/supervisor to learn about the election process. 


Already have a Representative or ambassador?

If your program already has an ICC representative or ambassador you can stay up-to-date on all ICC events by subscribing to the ICC's Newsletter, Public Spirit.