Program Feature - Promise Fellows

Minnesota Alliance with Youth Promise Fellows


“Founded in 1997 Minnesota Alliance With Youth works with and for youth, engaging them as equal partners in finding the most effective and equitable solutions to our state’s graduation crisis. The Alliance’s work is driven by three core values; Equity, Quality, and Collaboration.  We work with and for youth to ensure that all young people have access to the fundamental resources proven to ensure that youth succeed– the “Five Promises“– Caring Adults, Safe Places, a Healthy Start, Effective Education, and Opportunities to Help Others. The Alliance is a state partner of America’s Promise Alliance and proud AmeriCorps partner.” The 5 Promises

Promise Fellows

“AmeriCorps Promise Fellows assist youth in reaching their full potential and set them on a trajectory for high school graduation and lifelong success. Committed to providing the right support to the right youth at the right time, Promise Fellows are working to overcome the challenges facing Minnesota students.” Each Promise Fellow is placed at a school or community organization, where they serve 1720 hours over the course of an 11 month term of service. Promise Fellows each work with a “focus list” of at least 30 youth in grades 6-12 Youth are identified by the ABCs:

  • Attendance (high number of school absences or tardies)

  • Behavior (self-reported student engagement), and

  • Course Performance (work completion in concerning courses).

Click here to view a Model In Action to see what a Promise Fellow does.


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