In honor of April Fools’ Day, we asked some of the ICC members to give a brief descriptions of what they do in a typical day of service for them. Here’s what they wrote:

“I dig around in waste bins and look at trashy pictures all day. #BadlyExplainYourService”

I am serving with ISD 742 to reduce trash output and standardize waste bins by color and size as part of my project. A major part of that is taking a lot of pictures of waste bins and assessing them for the aforementioned descriptors.

-Alex C. Larson, MN GreenCorps

“Butt pictures, being the worst ninja in history, and a lot of to do lists and writing. #BadlyExplainYourService”

My role with TCHFH is to share stories of our volunteers, homeowners/buyers, and other partners through different mediums.

-Christy Ohlrogge, Twin Cities Habita

“I sit and stare at a computer screen all day, but sometimes I look at a lot of paper. Just to mix it up! #BadlyExplainYourService”

I am an AmeriCorps VISTA that is serving at Al Maa’uun in North Minneapolis. I help with grant writing, communications, and keeping their databases and files up to date.

-Katie Zeits, Al Maa’uun

“I think of questions, then decide how to answer those questions. Then I ask people lots of questions to answer my questions, and use their answers to ask other people more questions. #BadlyExplainYourService”

I create processes for evaluating the effectiveness of literacy services for teens, then conduct evaluation of programs and use the results to suggest and discuss improvements for service design and delivery. Basically, I do a lot of evaluating and asking questions!

-Megan Graves, Neighborhood House