Program Feature - LECPA

AmeriCorps members will be responsible for making thousands of positive non-law enforcement contacts in the community, supporting the community engagement efforts of the Saint Paul Police Department.

Members participate in hosting and attending multiple community education campaigns designed to increase understanding of the American legal system and improve trust in local law enforcement. Members will also help expand access to Police Athletic League events for youth and children living in Saint Paul. Through a partnership with Century College, members will also complete 340 hours of coursework, and training applicable towards a two year degree in law enforcement.

What does that mean?

The LECPA program is for AmeriCorps members who are considering a career in law enforcement. Members do community outreach and community relations service for the police department while working on their college degree.

Their work is to combat the fear and stigma surrounding the police force by going into the community and building relationships. Whether it’s youth activities, speaking with local parent groups, or desk work, LECPA members make a difference in their support and passion for law enforcement.