Goodbye from the 2018-19 Council!


With the coming of June, a lot of our programs will have service terms ending… and that means having to say goodbye to some of our fabulous council members. Here’s a look at how AmeriCorps and the ICC have helped them decide what’s next. 

Sarah Paulus:
Being on the ICC allowed me to meet more members of the AmeriCorps family and learn more about what is going on in my community and how to best serve it. It was really rewarding to be a member of the Service Committee. After my service year wraps up, I will be attending the University of Minnesota Twin Cities to get a dual-degree Master’s in Public Health and Urban and Regional Planning.

Morgan Barlett:
This was my second year of service with AmeriCorps, but my first on the ICC at the suggestion of my supervisor, who had served on the ICC during her year of service. I’m thankful she encouraged me—the ICC has brought me several new friends, a deeper understanding of how National Service functions, and a great appreciation for the service community here in the Twin Cities. This fall, I’ll be working full-time in student affairs and pursuing my Ph.D. in higher education at the University of Minnesota.

Christy Ohlrogge:
Taking part in both AmeriCorps and the ICC taught me what I wanted for company culture. I learned that group projects really can be fun - no really, I promise! I also developed in both my professional capacity and in the same respect on how to unconditionally love every type of person that walks through the door at my service site because they all are coming from a good place at heart. Being surrounded by a group of truly caring individuals has made my days brighter - and making the world a better place was a benefit that I’m not sure I’ll be able to leave behind. I will chase that potential as I look to the several open roads ahead of me and make a decision in the coming end of my term.

Katie Zeits:
I'm really thankful for my service and being a part of the ICC. It was a great opportunity to meet and work alongside other service members in different programs. I served on the Communications Committee and I was able to help develop and discover new areas that I am interested in pursuing. After my service year, I will be moving back to my home state and finishing my Bachelor's degree.