Why the InterCorps Council?

Many members will hear about the InterCorps Council at some point in their service. We’re here to tell you about why we exist and what it can do for you and your program. If you are interested in joining the ICC, ask your program manager for more information and their process to get involved! We would love to have new and returning AmeriCorps members on our committee for 2019-20!!


It’s the ICC’s goal to work together with our programs, members, and alumni to promote engagement, communication, collaboration, and education to empower AmeriCorps members and the Minnesota community. We frequently hold events that not only hold the potential for future friendships and networking opportunities, but also for personal growth. We strive to make the world (and especially Minnesota) a better place. The more in tune we are with our programs, the better we can serve our members by having greater resources and communication. We encourage program managers to keep in contact with us frequently, give input, and ask questions. We can all benefit from each other - and that can spread to improving Minnesota communities.


Before you go checking this off your list of things you’re interested in for AmeriCorps, we wanted to tell you about the hidden benefits that lie in serving on the InterCorps Council for the year. You’ll especially love them for their resume building potential.

  • Board Member Service - becoming part of the leadership is similar to board service in that you are given the opportunity to lead a peer-led leadership council and could easily transition into a board position after service.

  • Leadership - on the same note, if you are on the leadership team you will have supervisory/managerial experience for a year to brag about

  • Networking - As an event organizer, you’ll have more opportunities to meet and interact with nonprofit staff, political figures than as an attendee. Experiential Power - The ICC is great because you have the power to determine what your experience will be. The more you put in, the more you get out of it!

  • Tools/Skills - Depending on the committee, you can gain experience in different forms of software or business skills that can absolutely come in handy in the future! The Communications Committee alone has access to four software systems that employers tend to require experience in!